Posted by: Mike Whitmore | June 21, 2009

Tweet Wisdom

There’s a lot of talk about Twitter these days.

What? You haven’t heard about it? Then this post doesn’t apply to you and you should just go surf a different page or click that Next Blog button at the top left.

But if you are a Twitter user and you want to Tweet then gathering Followers is important. If a Tweet is posted, but there are no Followers, does it make a noise? Followers are like stalkers – it only gets interesting when they are after you.

As a new user I was eager to Follow everyone who Followed me. BIG MISTAKE. A lot of users just Tweet away all day and create a lot of, frankly, useless Twaffic. Noise. Blah. So my Twitter filled up with lots of garbage Tweets and I decided to start cleaning up my nest and deleting some people that I followed.

You’ll figure out what works for you as you get into Twitter, but if you want to gather followers here are some ideas:

1. Content is King – the types of followers you gather depends greatly on the topics you Tweet about. Want to gather business followers? Then tweet on business topics, like great resources for pricing strategies, entrepreneurship or small business loans. Followers gather in social communities and they cluster around topics, and you will find interests in all sorts of areas. But remember, to gather followers, content will be a great draw.

As a sub-point – there is a study out there ( that shows 22 Tweets per day gathers the optimal amount of followers.

2. Networking Works – Use Twitter as a way to connect professionally. By carefully tweeting I’ve connected with an handful of company leaders, presidents, CEO’s, and CXX levels. Later today we’re interviewing a candidate that I met via Twitter and I had previously connected with her C-level executive in regards to her performance before we moved ahead with the interview. Amazing.

3. Power of the Virus – As the value of your tweets builds and as you become a regular you’ll gather followers even during off hours and weekends. Remember that your tweets are out there – searchable, retrievable, and read by a world-wide audience. Be careful what you say, just like the old advice from your grandmother, “If you can’t tweet something nice about someone, don’t tweet anything at all.” You don’t want your expletives going viral for all the world to see.

I hope this helps you catch the vision of how a little Twitter goes a long way.

All the best,




  1. The study referenced above provides a correlation, but does not – in my mind – make a compelling argument for any causal connection between the number of tweets and the number of followers. I suspect it has much more to do with the identity of the tweeter and the things being tweeted than the number of tweets.

    Clay Shirky, in his book “Here Comes Everybody”, makes a pretty compelling case for why averages make no sense in contexts that are characterized by power law distributions (such as social media).

    For me, the optimal number of tweets per day is about 5 or 6 – both with respect to the number of tweets I post and the number I’m willing to read from nearly anyone I follow (no matter how interesting).

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