Posted by: Mike Whitmore | July 6, 2009

The Fear of Social Media

I was with a friend at a lunch meeting last week and we talked a little about Social Media.  Being a Twitter user and in the business of helping firms understand and use the power of Web 2.0 we were talking about how utilizing these emerging channels in his business.  He used an interesting noun in describing why he’s hesitated about jumping into Social Media – fear.

Fear is very interesting to me, and why he chose that word to describe his hesitation is even more so.  I’ve been thinking about writing a piece on the fear about Social Media for some time.  My conversation with him became the catalyst for this entry.

Irrational fear can hold us back from experiencing life.  I have an irrational fear of heights, for example. It can hold us back from what could become our greatest success.  Fear can is a form of self-preservation, but it can also inhibit open communication, the sharing of deeper feelings appropriately and it can isolate us.

I don’t want to make this a long entry and it’s heading there fast for “fear” that it might not be read – but fear of Social Media is real.  My friend struggled with the right words to describe where that fear stems from for him.  My guess is that for many people is the fear of treading into the unknown.  Perhaps also is wondering if they would be wasting time in participation in this new medium.  I understand this to a point as I was also fearful.

A few quick points and I’ll close:

  1. Jump in the water – it might be cold in the Microblogging world, but to understand it you must try it.  If you need some coaching ask around to those who have some experience as I did.  It helped me a lot.
  2. Don’t sweat it – don’t worry about what to say or how often to participate. That’s up to you.  And as you get more comfortable you’ll likely participate more.
  3. Everyone has a story – and yours should be told in your own words and style.  Just be aware that different styles will attract different audiences.
  4. Everyone has a voice – some of our most memorable times of life are sharing our experiences with friends. Let your voice be heard via this new medium.

My fear of heights is real to me and one that I’ve tried to conquer. I’ve purposely put myself in learning situations to work on this fear and it’s getting more manageable all the time – and this means I can experience new things I NEVER would have tried before.

So jump in – there are those around you willing to help including me.  I’m @mikewhitmore on Twitter and I hope to hear from you soon!





  1. The only problem with being too advanced with social media is evergreen content, which means it will constantly be searched for in the search engines, people keep changing and moving ahead and using different types of social media

    such as people will always have a headache and search for a way to cure etc..

    social media constantly changes, so when you only focus on the new, you are not projecting future visits to your site because it always changes

    I do suggest evergreen content on all pages, after a period of time current events, celebrity talk, all new tech changes, and so does social media..

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