Posted by: Mike Whitmore | August 31, 2009


Tomorrow is more than just September 1st, 2009 or the start of school or the beginning of the rainy season in Seattle.  It’s the 1st year anniversary of when my wife and I first met.

Yeah, that’s right.  Tomorrow we’ll have actually known each other for 1 year.  Uno. Een.  As in “singular.”  We “met” online on September 1st, 2008 and were married less than 90 days later.


Last night we took a look at my online profile page that she saved and at our initial email exchange and we laughed and experienced the emotions of new love all over again.  But something profound came to my mind that relates our experience to the new web, or Social Media: We found that our initial communications were truthful, forthright, and spot-on to who we portrayed ourselves to be online.  And this has held true even one year later.

Think about that – we married quickly because we felt it was right.  Like the many examples in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink – we just knew.  But because we moved so quickly you would think there had to be skeletons in the closet, secret additions, a hidden past or SOMETHING that would come up.  In our case, nada, nothing.  No surprises, no false advertising, no pretenses. we’ve been true to who we said we were both ways, for both parties, and our marriage is strong.  Most people think we’ve been together for a long time when, in fact, we talked by phone on September 1st, met in person on September 5th and were engaged on September 13th.


Now there are two MINOR exceptions to this tale . . . she didn’t know that I liked Star Trek (I’m a big fan of the old series and the latest movie) or that I like cats.  Had she known these facts earlier they could have broken the deal.  But I own up to these minor issues.

What’s unique here is these principles apply to businesses as well.  You as a business owner, entrepreneur, or even a large firm need to define who you are, what you sell, what your interests are and how you make money and be comfortable in sharing this in the new Social Media.  If firms are not true to their principles they’ll get exposed quickly and sometimes virally on the web to their detriment.

The web presents an interesting challenge as there are so many channels spreading a company’s information whether the firm participates in shaping this effort . . . or not.  Making sure the messaging is consistent can be a huge challenge.  This is where Fresh Consulting can help.

I’m so blessed that life moved in this direction after losing my first wife to cancer.  Let me share a Fresh perspective with you sometime.




  1. Mike – I can related to knowing when it’s right. Why delay deciding on the clear and obvious? Time doesn’t change the really right, really big things we face in life. Nice call on your part.

    My wife and I were married before our first date. No lie. I’ll let you know when I post the story to my blog and it will make sense.

  2. The reverse is also true:

    Where there’s doubt, there is no doubt.

  3. Mike, great post. Thanks for sharing. Congrats to you two and hooray for the power of the web (and using it in the right way!).

  4. First, congratulations on your new found love. I wish you both health and happiness for years ahead. Your blog brought tears to my eyes, as my story is similar (very similar). As many of my Twitter followers know, for 20 years I was abused in every way known to man. I gave up on a future and in that I gave up on myself. As a social media journalist, I was given a chance to work on the MMORPG (online role playing game), Second Life. Prior, I was never a gamer nor did I have interest. The first day of play I met another user, a simple little avatar in a gaming world.. August, was 2 years, and I’m now starting a future, a future of love and bliss with that simple little avatar (of course in my first life, reality). We both believe our meeting was fate, it was my first day on the game I knew nothing for him it was an error that he got to the place I was.. We celebrated two years together not with a kiss, card, or with just flowers but we celebrated it with a promise to each other that we’d have (and ensure) a future. — I had no idea as to how to do a relationship due to my abuse, I never had a prior relationship that didn’t involve sex. I had so much fear in how to do it as I didn’t want to loose this man so I did what was in my heart. We built our relationship on what we call ‘open, honest, and transparent foundation’. Never before did I open up about my past but to him I did and I continue to do this and side by side we are two souls as one for a future, my wish the outcome as your story tells of. — It’s funny how two people, who have never met, can feel a personal connection but love works in ways we will never explain nor can be ever explain this thing called love. It’s beautiful. Again, best of luck. I wanted to share my story with someone who would appreciate the concept. 🙂 Oh, psst.. Our first year was spent together in Seattle 🙂 Right down the road from Microsoft.

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  6. Mike,
    I am sorry to hear about your first wife. My Mother is a breast cancer survivor. I am also glad to see that you have found someone to share your life with and be happy. My wife and I were married on Sept 13th. Lucky 13. I am happy for you and you are still the man of my dreams. 😉

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