Posted by: Mike Whitmore | October 25, 2009

Alaska Airlines & the Merit Badge Clinic

These Photos are from a Scouting Merit Badge Clinic hosted on October 24th by the INCREDIBLE employees at Alaska Airlines.  I think we had 120 or more Scouts all participate and receive their Aviation Merit Badges yesterday.  The Alaska employees were so kind, very gracious and energetic to show these young men all about their operation and gave a very good overview of careers in aviation beyond just the role of pilots. It was an amazing experience to just be there as a dad with my son.

Alaska’s CEO showed his personal aircraft as well . . . but I had no idea who he was because he was jsut one of the Alaska team.  Totally humble and excited to share his knowledge with us.  I can’t write how impressed I was with him and the firm he’s built.  Every single team member shared their enthusiasm with the Scouts.  And, no surprise here, the CEO, the President and many of the Alaska team I spoke with are Eagle Scouts themselves.

Thanks Alaska – you guys ROCK!!



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