Posted by: Mike Whitmore | November 21, 2009

Light Bright

Have you ever stopped to consider how many light bulbs there are in your home? I have and it’s beginning to drive me a little batty.  Usually I only care about them when they do what . . . ? Burn out.

Yep, cause then I have to replace them.  In order to keep the place lit up well I have to store extra bulbs.  WTH? Yeah, I’ve got a ridiculous amount of light bulbs that are lit, some are burned out and some are in storage waiting for their call to duty.

Someone had to design both the house AND the lights, the cans, the lamps, the switches, the wiring, the fixtures, the chandeliers, and yeah, the bulbs.  Think of the amount of work put into getting just this lamp beside me to work.

I wanted to take pics of all the bulbs in my house as part of this post and maybe sometime I will – but it would take a rediculous amount of time.  But while sitting here I can think of over twenty (20!!) DIFFERENT types of bulbs in this house.  Isn’t that a little insane?? And I’m not an interior designer and I don’t use accent lighting throughout the place for ambiance or for artwork.  Why do I need so many freaking bulbs!?!?!?!?

What really gets my goat is when one goes out and it also happens to be a bulb I don’t have in inventory – figures – and I need to remember to get it at the store.  However, in this case, this particular bulb fits a particular-sized can in my kitchen and (though I have bought several types, mind you) I can’t seem to find the exact bulb that will fit snugly into the can and give light to my kitchen.

It’s a little bit much when you think about it, isn’t it?

There’s even a site where you can buy 25,000 light bulbs.  !!!!

And while we’re on the topic – I was hoping the new carbon-fluorescent bulbs would mean I could “reaplace & forget” for 7 years.  RIGHT.

Anyone have luck with that plan?

You’ll have to excuse me now.  It’s late and I’ve just heard the call for “lights out!”


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