Posted by: Mike Whitmore | January 1, 2010

Comparing Drumming to Blogging

I’m a drummer.  In fact, I’ve been a drummer since 7th grade which was a very long time ago.

When I tell people I’m a drummer they have a hard time believing it actually.  My hair is short, I’m fairly conservative in dress and mannerisms and I probably look like the most non-drummer anyone has ever met.  Their first word is usually a sarcastic, “You?” And then I say something profound like, “Yeah.”  (The most drummer-like response right on the tip of my tongue.)

Then, of course, if this exchange happens near a drum set (or coffee cans or buckets) they want to hear me play.  This is tricky for me, because, like many famous drummers, I’ve never learned to solo well or play pi-diddles or flip sticks, or do a drum roll with my teeth. In fact, I can barely manage a roll on a snare drum.  There are lots of famous drummers who can’t “tear it up,” but do a fantastic job “laying it down.”

In drumming parley “Tear it Up” means soloing, kicking in on a kit with great grooves or stick work which most folks equate with great drummers – and rightly so.  These drummers have spent hours and hours perfecting their style and they are impressive!  I really enjoy watching guys like Neil Peart, Zoro, Buddy Rich, John Bonham and so many others.

“Laying it Down”, what I do, is lay a beat and “stick” with it.  I’ve played for a lot of bands who want  a drummer to lay a groove and play to it.  To mix in, mix it up on occasion, but really blend with the group as a whole.  My favorite time playing the drums is when I’m with bands making music as part of the group. Soloing has never been my interest, hence, I’ve not devoted the time to make soloing my forte.

Let me compare drumming to blogging.

I’m a blogger.  Not a great blogger and I’ve not been doing it for very long, but I’ve come to enjoy it for many reasons.

I enjoy the feedback from folks who read and exchange ideas with me.  I enjoy the creative, humorous, insightful and the sharing that comes from blogging.  Oh sure, there are professional bloggers, just like those great drummers, who have really perfected their craft and we enjoy reading them.

My hope it to encourage you, whomever you might be, to blog.  We encourage our Fresh clients to do so for many reasons, but for all the reasons I’ve mentioned above and more, I want to encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas and whatever else with the web community.  You will find new connections, friendships and opportunities that will enrich your career and even your life.

Drumming and blogging are just hobbies of mine and I enjoy them tremendously.  Each brings their own unique fulfillment and satisfaction.  And there’s no rush compared to what I experience drumming with a band in front of a live audience (like I did on New Year’s Eve with the band Iron Donut in Salt Lake).  And then there’s the thrill of blogging with a web audience.  Wow!

When someone asks you, “You’re a blogger?”

Just say, “Yeah. And my blog it at …” (The most blogger-like response.)

So come on then – lay it down for us.



  1. A fellow drummer! Yet another reason I enjoy following you on Twitter. 🙂 Great post, too.

    • Ha! That’s great! I’ll bet you Tear it Up too, eh? So much great music and talented artists in Seattle. 🙂

  2. Love the post – and I completely get it. I’m a bass player. I’m a novice and its a hobby outside of my day job, but are few things that bring me more joy and satisfaction than playing my bass.

    • Thanks for your comment Crystal and love to hear you’re a bass player! If I were to learn another new instrument it would probably be the bass . . . but I’ve been dabbling with guitar now for a couple of years. LOVE those Garage Band lessons from Sting where he teaches how to play Message in a Bottle, Fragile, etc. 🙂

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