Posted by: Mike Whitmore | January 7, 2010

Tweeting & Follower Count

Over the holidays I conducted an experiment of sorts. I wanted to find out if my Followers on Twitter would continue to increase even if I didn’t tweet.  Overall I tweeted about once a day.

I enjoyed the break from tweeting, by the way, but that’s another posting…

My follower count stayed FLAT.  I mean, like flat as a Kansas interstate.

Now I do think that I pick up and drop followers every day as I don’t follow-back everyone who follows me (see Mike’s Twitterism’s in this blog) and so some will drop off naturally if I don’t follow back.  But the net effect was a big, fat ZERO.

As soon as I started tweeting again my follower count started picking up.

Just a handy tip for you to know – tweeting leads to followers.  Here’s a link to an interesting study from Hubspot related to the topic of number of tweets for the optimum number of followers –

So what about all those people we see with hundreds of followers and no tweets? Or maybe they have tweeted once? I think they are most likely bots or they are buying followers, etc.


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