Posted by: Mike Whitmore | January 12, 2010

Simple Things Can Bring About Great Change

I’m amazed at how the smallest of events can bring about great change.  Like the concept of Twitter itself, sketched out on a pad of paper one day ( has changed the dynamics of how people connect in many ways – and it affects real lives!

Someone tweeted about Steve Jobs passing away from cancer and Apple’s stock price dropped significantly.  The information was false, took maybe 30 seconds to author and tweet and many people lost real dollars from real investment portfolios.

The new media represents a huge paradigm shift in societal dynamics.  We’re only beginning to understand and establish methods for handling this game-changing paradigm.

Recently I was getting my shoes polished at Nordstrom’s in Bellevue.  As I was sitting the thought came to me to read a magazine.  Then I thought, “Nah, I’ll tweet about getting my shoes polished.”

As I authored and took a photo of my shoes the gentleman next to me asked, “You’re going to tweet that?”


“Why would you tweet that?”

I explained that I’m in the business strategy consulting business and that I use twitter as a means of connecting with people all over the world.  I’ve opened up new professional relationships and business opportunities, conducted research and connected with incredible people.

As it turns out, this gentleman is the CEO for a large firm in Bellevue (where Fresh Consulting is based) and he had just come from a conference on the topic of Social Media.  Through him I’ve connected to a friend of his at CNN.

The nugget here – why do I participate in Twitter and in Social Media? Because I have no idea how the simple act of getting my shoes shined and tweeting about it can open up new opportunities in business.

I never would have had this conversation had I been reading a magazine at the time.



  1. Small things, bit by bit, can really change the world. Great post.

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