Posted by: Mike Whitmore | February 15, 2010

Social Media 201 Conference, April 15th at Microsoft in Seattle

Last week our Fresh team was slammed with several new proposals to get out the door by Friday and we launched a new website for an upcoming conference.

I really need to plug the conference right up front – it’s the Social Media 201 Conference, hosted by Microsoft in Seattle on April 15th.  More info can be found at our website at and you may register there as well.

Tip – You can save 50% by doing two things:
register by March 15th and
use the discount code FRESH

The concept for SM 201 stemmed from the 101 Conference Joe Kennedy and the Eastside Entrepreneurs hosted last September at Microsoft. The 101 conference helped educate business owners about what social media is and why companies should participate. The 201 conference is designed for those businesses who have started to delve into social media and want to find a path to profitability, i.e. ROI.

In our research we find a number of firms considering a social media play, but isolating and building a case for return on investment can prove difficult. We’ve identified a number of variables that a firm might measure in developing an ROI model and in one case we found over 100 measurable variables! Like you, we thought that was a little ridiculous.

My approach to this conference was to identify key business leaders who don’t just dabble in social media, but where social media marketing is a part of what they do and they have experienced demonstrable results from their efforts. The speakers are coming from, Vancouver BC, New York, Chicago and Seattle and have worked with major brands such as Disney, T-Mobile, The Gates Foundation, Dell, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Mini and many other small and medium-sized business.

Additionally our speakers have a tremendous presence and a depth of credibility in social media channels. They are the trend-setters, the key individuals in their markets with literally hundreds of thousands of followers, active bloggers, leading authors and thought leaders.

When I approached our two largest sponsors, Microsoft and Comcast, they offered their enthusiastic support for hosting the event and bringing in partners, lunch, and adding their brands to the concept. We’re very excited to have them on board.

Beyond the conference, participants will also have time to meet with all the presenters, participate in panel discussions with experts and to network with each other. This will be a unique conference where attendees will come away with specific actions and key learnings they can apply to their own businesses.

I sincerely hope to see you there and to connect!




  1. It should be added that the two largest sponsors to date are Comcast Business Class and Microsoft’s Local Engagement Team

    Like the Social Media for Business 101 Conference last October that you referenced, Comcast Business Class is once again sponsoring the lunch and the Microsoft Local Engagement Team is providing the great venue of the Microsoft Conference Center, Building 33 on the Redmond Campus.

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