Posted by: Mike Whitmore | May 10, 2010

Mike’s Twitterisms #4 – My Love of Nutella

There’s been a widely publicized and exaggerated report that I’m a huge Nutella fan. Well, it’s true, I am a fan and I’ve added to that mystique by tweeting about it frequently. I also use the phrase, “All Hail Nutella” in my Twitter profile.

When I first joined Twitter I didn’t have a clue as to what I should write for my Profile, but I knew I didn’t want it to be blank. So I wrote some basic info and then included that bit about Nutella as an afterthought and thought it would be funny. In fact, at one time I tried to take it out of my profile and people noticed and asked me to put it back. In fact, they said it was the best part of my profile! Okay then…

Now I do love Nutella, believe me and at home we might go through a jar of Nutella once or twice a year. Moderation is a good thing, you know, even with Nutella in the cupboard.

What I noticed on Twitter though is that my love of chocolate became part of my shtick. It has become part of my online persona, if you will, and it’s been fun connecting with lots of people. In fact, one tweep actually mailed chocolate from Switzerland to our home for our family! I’ll tweet about humor or social media interest or whatever kinda crosses my mind at the time. You need to find your voice (or the voice of your business) and have some fun.

Some great examples I look to include tweeps like:

@billybaty and @LoriMoreno where motivational quotes might be their thing.

For my pal Darren @williger it’s sushi and taking fun photos when he’s out and about.

With @juliaroy it’s fun fashion, humor and great blog updates and @BlondHousewife tweets about work silliness, her hubby and beltway political sarcasm.

There are SOOOO many examples and great tweeps to follow. If you’re looking for ideas on what to tweet just think of what your interests and passions are, what makes you laugh, what entertains or topics of interest. You’ll be surprised how many others share your interests and will connect with you.



  1. Great post, Mike!

    Finding your voice is what it’s all about…even if it is chocolate. 🙂 I agree with your other choices as examples of great tweeps and feel honored to be mentioned with them. There is no bigger “schticker” than myself, BTW.

    Keep Believing…

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