Posted by: Mike Whitmore | June 19, 2010

The First Car I Drove

I just read Lara’s piece at her blog Lamaki – The Mighty Mazda: the Best Car ITW!!! and wrote the following comment. I’ve never posted a comment as an entry on my own blog…is this an acceptable practice? Hmmm

The first car I drove was my parent’s International Scout, which was truly a predecessor to the SUV’s of today. The back seat had been removed so we could fit 3 on the front bench seat and 6-7 more in the cargo area (seat belts weren’t the rule then – more like “guidelines”). The gas gauge didn’t work, but we figured it got 13 miles to the gallon, so my folks knew I couldn’t drive very far. You could actually hear how much gas was being sucked into the 4-barrel carburetor when we’d “punch-it” as it were.

It was also made of solid steel and had stunt-doubled in several war movies as a WWII-era Sherman Tank and in another movie as a cargo freighter in space.

To complete the space-ship effect I added a bumper sticker to the exterior spare tire. Back in the 80’s in Colorado there were these bumper stickers designed to look like the Colorado license plates with the mountains in the background. The original design for the sticker said “Native” to spread the message that THIS car driver was BORN in CO and not some transplant from Texas or California or wherever. Then all sorts of variants on that theme started to appear such as “Transplant” “Alien” or the scariest one “Multi-Level-Marketer.”

I was a true nerd – my sticker read “Jedi.”


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