Posted by: Mike Whitmore | August 5, 2010

My Follow Friday Filosophy

Hey all – so you already (likely) know I’m a big fan of Twitter. One of the challenges for many of us, myself included, is managing the tweeps we follow more closely than others. Let’s face it – we can’t read every tweet or we’d go insane, so we categorize tweeps into lists to make life much easier. I came up with an idea recently that’s been a big help!

For those who are new, there’s a Twitter tradition called Follow Friday. Often it’s tweeted as #followfriday or #ff. This is a way to share with others your recommendation to follow someone you find interesting. The challenge for me is that I would have to send out long list of tweeps every Friday that would fill up my follower’s streams which gets annoying.  Early in my experience I also found that sending out tweets such as that caused me to lose followers.

To assist with this for my sake AND to make it easier for you I’ve created a List for all the Tweeps I recommend others follow. It’s right here. Click into that list and follow these folks!

Why did I include these tweeps? There are many reasons, but here are a few highlights:

  1. We’ve mentioned each other in tweets, acknowledging a 2-way dialog between real, authentic people.
  2. We’ve met in real life, had a phone conversation or you said something about how handsome I look in my profile pic.
  3. We’ve shared a laugh or two or 200.
  4. I think you’re particularly interesting from my thoughts about your business, hobbies, interests or other reason.

If a tweep is in my #ff list you’ll know that they are interactive on Twitter and hence receive my #ff recommendation.

Want to be included in this list? Let me know by doing one of the points above.

If I should list you and haven’t let me know. Tweetdeck has messed up my lists many times and I’ve only discovered these omissions by accident and my apologies for any oversights.

All the best!



  1. I have to admit, the follow Friday tradition, although fun has become challenging as there’s so many great folks I’d easily recommend – the list idea is fantastic!

    Before Twitter created lists, I actually started a whole website (now a WP blog) of and yes you were on it – was fun to organize by “these guys like guitar” etc. then WeFollow did that better.

    I’m created a new covert system to see who people really recommend – I watch who they engage with and try to jump in if interesting!

  2. Thanks for adding me to your list. You get the crazy end of my tweets with my @geodisplace account. I always enjoy seeing whats going on your side of the country and keeping Willow up on Seattle 😉

  3. Thanks for adding me to your #FF list. I, too, agree that #FF is challenging, but I’ve found some of my favorite tweeps that way! (Including you, I believe.)
    I find it cumbersome to slog through lists of usernames looking for someone who may interest me. Another good strategy I have seen: someone I follow saves up her favorite tweets each week then RT’s them on #FF; it’s a good way to see a nugget of content from those she recommends.

    • Hey Becky, I like that suggestion too. I’ve saved lots of favorite tweets too and then I’ll go back (in some cases as far back as 500 or more days ago) and RT one of my favs. It’s “new” to many and a fun surprise, so to speak, to original tweeter. Thanks for the comment and the connection!

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