Posted by: Mike Whitmore | September 8, 2010

Fresh Consulting

One of the questions I’ve been asked too frequently lately is, “What does Fresh do?” This isn’t a good sign because it means we’re not articulating our story clearly and effectively on our website, when we’re speaking at events or even in 1:1 conversation.


First, being a young company and needing to (rightly or wrongly) follow the money breeds a lack of focus. Clients contact us for a variety of reasons and we’ve demonstrated solid delivery capability across a variety of areas with clients of every size and across industry verticals.

Second, our being a web-solutions firm casts a wide net. When clients share their business challenges with us quite often we turn to Web-based solutions.

Third, the web has evolved tremendously in the last few years and the pace of change is accelerating. At Fresh we find we invest much of our time researching and educating ourselves on these changes AND we find we invest even more time educating potential clients on the power of this new medium.

Fourth, part of the Fresh Consulting model is providing virtual, on-site, contractors or permanent talented resources for each of the key areas of Business, Technology (IT) and Design. Rather than providing just IT or creative or business resources we provide talent across all these areas.

Fresh Consulting Today

I’ve finally been able to conceptualize and capture Fresh’s delivery model into this Venn Diagram and we have demonstrable, referenceable solutions and clients in each of the areas.

Delivery Capabilities from Fresh Consulting

Delivery Capabilities from Fresh Consulting

Some Fresh Examples –

– Fresh didn’t have Flash development capabilities or studio voice talent in-house when contacted by a multinational enterprise prospect. Via our knowledge of the web we procured the right services at competitive prices to deliver the needed solution.  The result has been a satisfied client (one of Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing for 2009 & 2010), and a long-term, expanding relationship. We provide this client with enterprise social media strategy, delivery across the enterprise for our recommendations, coaching and implementation and recently we’re working to provide staffing of resources via contractors & FTEs.

– A multinational client contacted Fresh to develop a marketing strategy for a retail product. Utilizing our delivery capabilities Fresh performed the market research, build the strategy with the client and we’re currently in the midst of the design and implementation components for the strategy. This engagement spans all our capabilities within the Venn Diagram.

– Fresh Consulting works with University-funded startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to fast-track any business’ launch efforts. This is a great program, providing talented resources in taking ideas from concept to launch to market growth.

Thank you for checking out Fresh Consulting and let me know how we might help you!

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