Posted by: Mike Whitmore | October 10, 2010

How’s Your Sense of Self-Worth?

At a recent networking event I co-hosted I became keenly aware of how tough the economy is all around us. I spoke with well educated and high quality people who continue to struggle to find employment. As I spoke with many of the attendees I felt empathy towards them as I’m also a husband, father and a provider for my family.

One of the toughest things to wrestle with in all of this economic turmoil is remembering this key point – try not to get caught up in the mental struggle of evaluating our self-worth by what we do as our livelihood.

Stop for a second and think about that last sentence.

We all do this. There is a pride, a sense of accomplishment, or lack thereof based largely upon how we “think” society valuates us based on our careers. And this pride works both ways whether we’re in some position of authority or a highly visible public figure or a high-income career.

My purpose with this post is to encourage those who may be discouraged or who are endlessly looking for employment to keep their spirits up. Who you are as a person is tremendously valuable whether you’re gainfully employed at this moment or not.

A favorite scripture of mine on this subject is, “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.” ( This is true no matter what we might have as a career.

Work itself is purposeful and invigorating, exciting at times and in some cases we feel that we can shape the world around us. I feel many of these feelings with my current career, but still, what gives me the most sense of purpose, of peace and of meaning? Re-read the last sentence from the first paragraph.



  1. This is very timely for me. Most recently I have attended several funerals for close friends and relatives. All tremendously wonderful people, that were well loved and admired. The final one last week, the pastor read us notes from his last visit with Uncle. When asked what he was most proud of in his life, and if he had accomplished all that he had set his sights on – this was his answer: Yes, I did accomplish all as I wanted to be married to my wife for 60 years and I have been now married 64, and I wanted to see my grandchildren grow-up, and I now have great-grandchildren. My accomplishments in this mortal life are several, but the only ones that mean anything to me is that I was the best husband, best father, best grandfather, and tried to be the best man I could be. I have done that with God’s help.

    • That was a touching replay. It also helps us to see what things are most important. When others focus simply on things that can be altered by another in any way, it is so much easier for their strings to be pulled.

  2. Thanks for this post. It is very encouraging. Not only to those searching for employment but also those who are employed that live in fear of losing their jobs. I do hope that all who read this post are encouraged in some way.

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