Posted by: Mike Whitmore | November 1, 2010

So Much Cooler Online

Tonight Mrs. Whitmore and I started reminiscing about when we met online. I never planned to meet someone online, but hey, statistics show an increasing number of couples do.

Anyway, she had 5 questions for me to answer about the kids, what I did for work, my non-profit work, how I converted to Christ, and lastly – the kicker – what were the Top 5 Most Played Songs on my iPod. I was worried this one question would disqualify me FOR SURE. Here’s how I answered the iPod question:

“Oh my, and now the iPod. Let me go grab that thing. (This could get embarrassing.) LOL! Okay – this is going to be embarrassing.
#1 Red Skies by the Fixx
#2 Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin
#3 Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin
#4 Listen to the Music by the Doobie Brothers
#5 is Living Loving Maid also by . . . Led Zeppelin

Now BEFORE you write me off as a metal-head you have to know that my music tastes are quite varied and that I’ve been playing these tunes on the drums, so they appear on the top of the list as an anomaly. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

In the car’s 4-disk CD changer I’ve got 2 U2 disks from a live concert some friends gave me, specifically for the song “Kite” and the other 2 disks are . . . dang it! Led Zeppelin again! (Oh, I’m in trouble now.) Three of my dearest friends for years and years are into Led Zep and they turned me onto them a few years ago and I’m still discovering them as a group. Ug.

But I’ve got great references! Good family you can check with! Uh, no criminal record … and I’ve never been in the poky.”

The rest, they say, is history! Lucky for us it’s a romance that continues today.


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