Mike Whitmore Business Bio – October 2010 

Short YouTube Intro Video


Mike Whitmore is the President of Fresh Consulting based in Bellevue, WA. Fresh Consulting, an emerging business strategy consulting firm, delivers solutions utilizing Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 technology, design, crowdsourcing models and best business practices involving collaboration technologies, social media, program and project management, mobile app development, website redesign and content creation.

Mike serves on two non-profit boards, both focused on kids and education. Work Force Development Center (WFDC) works with at-risk teens, teaching them valuable real-world job skills while working on Boeing critical-structures. During his time as president at WFDC Mike lead an initiative to diversify their client base to more than a dozen profitable clients, serving more than 900 students in the program since its inception in 1990. Mike is also the President of the Seattle Chapter of the BYU Management Society, which has raised more than $100,000 per year since 2007 for college scholarships based on academic merit and individual needs.

While new to Social Media, Mike is known for his powerful business networking skills and media presence with over 11,500 Twitter followers, a strong LinkedIn professional network and as a co-leader of Eastside Networking. Mike has been interviewed for several books and pod casts, his videos are used as examples of how to create meaningful About Us stories and he has been interviewed for Business Week and Smart Money magazines.

Prior to Fresh Mike began his professional career with WordPerfect Corporation leading a multinational development team in building the first release of WordPerfect Office in a handful of Germanic languages. His project management and sales leadership continued delivering high-value results for Novell, Intel, Fujitsu, Compuware, AT&T Wireless, QWest, T-Mobile, Boeing Space & Defense and Unisys Corporation.

Mike’s experience in sales resulted in multi-million dollar relationships with major firms in the Pacific Northwest including Standard Insurance, Washington Mutual and States of Oregon & Washington. With a reputation for being an Agent of Change, Mike frequently is tapped to turn around at-risk initiatives and relationships or to drive sales teams to exceed objectives. While at Comsys he managed a high-tech sales team to become the top gross-margin performing office in the country.

Mike graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Business Management and Marketing and a minor in Dutch Literature. He and his wife and 4 children live in Redmond, Washington.



  1. Hi Mike, Larry Braden refered me to you today as he knows I am in the stages of putting togethr a website. I would love to have a phone conversation about the types of things you do and also let you know what it is that I am looking for in a web page and with varying social media platforms. My mobile 425.829.7127.


  2. Mike also is a great conversationalist and his laugh can be both mischievous and personable. If Mike is your friend, then you are a much better person.

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